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Breakout Sessions I

Are You Running Your Organization or is it Running You?

Beyond Diversity, Culture & Inclusion: Alternative Frameworks for Nonprofits

Making Your Metrics Dance: Connecting Numbers to Narrative

Tax Changes and Charitable Giving

The Courage to Lead: Self-Leadership and Better Relationships

Transformative Listening: Translating Community Ideas into Action

Breakout Sessions II

Board Governance Best Practices: Marathon or Sprint?

Collaboration: What Makes It Work?

From Striving to Thriving: Leading an Agile Organization

Generating Monthly Donors Without Breaking the Bank

Jugaad: An Innovative Program for Emerging Minority Leaders

Navigating Through Change

Navigating Your Nonprofit’s Traditional and Nontraditional Benefits in a Competitive Market

Using Digital Media to Cultivate and Collect

Breakout Sessions III

Creating Healthy, Respectful Workplaces and Preventing Sexual Harassment

Donor-Centric or Mission-Centric? Finding a Way Forward

FASB Reimagined: Revolutionizing Compliance

How to Host Tough Conversations

Mission Creep or Mission Leap?

Purpose: Refining Your Why for a Better What

Sabbatical 101: How to Create a Career Break Without Breaking Your Career

Three-Tiered Approach to Storytelling to Enhance Programming

Breakout Sessions IV

BenefitsMN: Group Health Insurance Benefit Options for Nonprofits

Culturally Responsive Leadership

Authentic & Purposeful Leadership for New Leaders

Continuous Improvement: Enhancing Your Organization's Process

Minnesota’s Response to Youth Victims of Labor Trafficking

What Every Leader Should Know About Human Resources

Breakout Sessions V

10 Tips for a Smooth Web Redesign Process

Board Governance: 20 Best Practices for Nonprofit Boards

Building an Evidence Base for Your Program

Digital Dominance: Successful Storytelling in Days of Distraction

People Matter! Designing a Strategic Staff Structure

Taking a Victim-Centered Approach to Sexual Harassment

Wellness as Work Culture: Putting Theory into Practice