Keynote Sessions

Wednesday Afternoon: The Future of Nonprofits in Minnesota: 2018 Election Effects

3 - 4:30 P.M.

On November 6, Minnesotans will elect a new governor and four other statewide constitutional offices, 2 U.S. senators, eight U.S. congress members, and the entire 134 members of the Minnesota House of Representatives.

Join us after election day to hear from a panel of Minnesota’s political observers as they discuss the implications of the elections on the state, the nonprofit sector and our communities. As we “choose hope in times of disruption”, the panel will offer insights and reflections on the ways that political realities may impact our work at the state and federal levels. We’ll explore how the 2018 election results could influence the relationship between communities, nonprofits and government.

Panel members include Susie Brown, executive director, Hennepin County Bar Association; Susan Grafstrom, director, Homeland Security Emergency Management, Roseau County; Senator Foung Hawj, Minnesota Senate; Rep. Jenifer Loon, Minnesota House of Representatives; and Sarah Walker, lobbyist and government affairs consultant, MZA + CO

Thursday Morning: Hope in Challenging Times

9:15 - 10:45 A.M.

Effective leaders are able to balance the need for hope with the realities of the times. Join this session for an inspirational conversation about what it takes to lead in challenging times. Whether focusing externally on political, economic and social themes or focusing internally on organizational culture and sustainability - every community must learn to thrive through the good and the bad.

Join this conversation with Saint Paul Mayor Melvin Carter (invited) and MCN’s associate director, Nonoko Sato.