MCN 2017 Annual Conference

2017 Annual Conference

Saint Paul RiverCentre | October 12-13



In these fast-paced days, our communities are changing quickly. What was new yesterday is outdated tomorrow. What was compelling last season will be stale next season.

And despite the whirl around us, true leaders are able to keep us grounded with foundational ideas. They are able to keep us settled despite the flurry of novelty. They know that good ideas never go out of fashion.

There's a balancing between change and certainty.

In our nonprofits, we must learn to evolve based on the realities of the situation. And we must learn to lead the direction that our situations evolve.

There's a wisdom in knowing when to lead change and when to lean into change.

Join the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits for our 2017 Annual Conference. Hosted in St. Paul, this year's gathering is the perfect opportunity for professionals from every corner of Minnesota’s robust nonprofit sector to join together, celebrate the sector, learn from one another and prepare for another year. Let's evolve together.




 Jeff Moore  Thursday Keynote

Jeff Moore

Thursday Keynote

 Armando Camacho, PH Copeland, Tracy Fischman, Don Ness  Friday Keynote

Armando Camacho, PH Copeland, Tracy Fischman, Don Ness

Friday Keynote


 Breakout Sessions   

Breakout Sessions


 Exhibitor Showcase

Exhibitor Showcase


 Thursday Awards Ceremony   

Thursday Awards Ceremony


 Friday Awards Ceremony

Friday Awards Ceremony


Join us as we evolve together.

We hope you'll join one thousand of your nonprofit peers in St. Paul as we come together to explore the pressing issues facing our sector. We'll tackle questions big and small and celebrate the amazing work being done throughout the region by organizations just like yours.

Check out the full schedule of the 2017 MCN Conference. We think you'll find ample opportunities to explore your own balance between change and certainty. Register today!